Care more

Live more

Have you ever felt helpless when it comes to caring for your senior loved ones? We have all been there, that’s why 88care focuses on delivering the most suitable and the highest quality care to your loved ones based on their needs and conditions.

At 88care, our mission is to relieve caretakers’ burden and allow them to live a carefree lifestyle while being able to care for their loved ones, see below for what we do.


How It Works

  1. Schedule

    schedule a time and date to get care

  2. Pick

    our matching algorithm will find available local carers based on your profile

  3. Track

    pick your favourite and track his/her whereabouts

  4. Receive

    enjoy our amazing care!

  5. Read

    get health logs after every session so you are always up to date

  6. Rate

    rate our carers so that you can reconnect with him/her

Your Best Match

our data driven algorithm will find the best match for you based on your need and circumstances

Health Diary

our carers will update your diary every time service is delivered; it will let you know of the seniors' health, mood, habits and special needs

Professional Care

we only recruit the best care workers in the industry and strive to reassure you that your loved ones are in the best possible hands